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'Twenty-first Century Maths'

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(Geography Special Issue, September 2021)

Allegro is a UK-based, biannual online poetry magazine that aim to publish he best contemporary poetry.

Still from the film "Fever Dreams"

Fever Dreams

Written by Kristine Johanson, co-directed with Daniel Hillel-Tuch

Amsterdam, April 2020. The COVID-19 lockdown makes Shiro Nguru, a former lawyer and the director of Fever Theatre Company, and her friends unemployed. What’s more, it puts their planned production of King Lear on the rocks. READ MORE

Winner, Best Film, Amsterdams Buurt Film Festival (2020)

Winner, Best Director, Stories Film Festival (NYC, 2021)

Winner, Best Zoom Theatre Scenic Design, Stories Film Festival (NYC, 2021)

Winner, Best Actor (Female) – Shiro Mungai, Stories Film Festival (NYC, 2021)

Featured in Theaterkrant (2020)

Poster for "The B Word"

The B Word: Strategies for a Graceful Exit

Presented by Orange Theatre Company, 2018

‘Unions are made and unmade every day. Why is this one so fucking special?’

The B Word opens in Amsterdam in 2017, and it follows the lives of three strangers arriving from London in the wake of Brexit and the uncertainty it has created.